Do 13 Feb 2020 – Fr 14 Feb 2020

Institutions of Judicial Independence

First re:constitution Seminar from 13-14 February 2020 in Bucharest

New Europe College, Bucharest

The first re:constitution seminar will deal with “Institutions of Judicial Independence” and take place at New Europe College in Bucharest from 13-14 February 2020.

The challenges of democratic self-government and Rule of Law institutions within the EU and its member states are well described and analysed. But there seems to be a lack of real exchange on the subject between members of different Member State societies, and also a lack of a descriptive framework for the different situations in the Member States.

The concept of the Seminar is to bring together experienced scholars and practitioners from different European countries to discuss specific topical issues in addition to day-to-day political topics. The discussion will revolve around questions of political experience and culture that can best be conveyed through direct exchange.

Participation by invitation only.


Photo by Joanna Scheffel

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