Judiciary Hub

Judiciary Hub

The European Union is a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions — also regarding its justice systems. While research, analysis and indicators on member states' judiciary systems abound, the information is scattered across legal documents, scholarly journals, a myriad of rankings and surveys, and many more sources. This is why Democracy Reporting International, under the re:constitution project and with support by Stiftung Mercator, created the Judiciary Hub, a go-to resource for experts and professionals trying to decode Europe's judicial maze. In the face of mounting challenges to the rule of law and increased dis/misinformation around the topic, the Hub offers facts, analysis, and reliable sources to facilitate informed discussions.

The Judiciary Hub provides:

  • A user-friendly map for accessing data and rankings.

  • In-depth profiles of member states' justice systems.

  • Comparisons between states.

  • The latest updates to keep users well-informed.