2020/ 2021

Amélie Jaques-Apke

Mobility Phase: Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome | Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

The Covid-19 Crisis as an Ideological Armoury for the Populist Right in Spain and Italy

Currently Deputy Director of the Centre for Studies and Head of the Franco-German department of the think- and do- tank EuropaNova in Paris (multilateral EU projects and research), Amélie is a Political Analyst and Researcher with five years’ experience in the public sector (Franco-German Office for Youth, French Parliament, Ministry of Interior, Delegation of the EU in Washington D.C.) and teaching experience at Sciences Po Paris. She currently works on political innovation projects for more inclusion of civil society in policy, research and polity channels in Europe, diplomatic security policy and illiberal practices in Europe. Amélie grew up in Germany and France, studied International Affairs, security and diplomacy at Sciences Po Paris and King's College London. She worked and travelled in many countries, in North and Latin America as well as North Africa, where she often conducted field research projects. Amélie is also very committed to further development of the NGO Zellidja, which distributes travel and research grants for young people. Her second on field research project for the NGO deals with the Castro transition in Cuba.

The Covid-19 Crisis as an Ideological Armoury for the Populist Right in Spain and Italy

As Europe begins to emerge from a troublesome part of the pandemic, we begin to evaluate emerging political damages. The current Covid-19 crisis could reshape Europe by menacing liberal institutionalism and acting as democracy’s mirror: the crisis constitutes an ammunition armoury for radical right-wing populism and widens the already fragile fissures within the European Union. Now more than ever, we must understand how radical right populist groupings design their message towards vulnerable, crisis-shaken populations. Disentangling common denominators of the various political strands subscribed to an approximate heterogeneous radical right-wing populist tradition and using specific mechanisms within the critical discourse analysis (CDA) approach, this interdisciplinary research project purports to explore the new populist radical right discourse triggered by the crisis in Spain and Italy, and to what extent its rhetoric can be substantiated by analysing how right-wing populist parties can corrode liberal democracies in times of crisis: the objective of this study is to reflect critically on the interplay between democracy and the rule of law, analysing the very recent discourse development of the parties Vox and The League and its power relations, which are linked to the exogenous shocks provoked by the pandemic.