Wed 06 Sep 2023

re:constitution Working Paper #25 published

Since the kick off of the re:constitution Working Paper Series three years ago, the format has provided a space for analysis and discussion on current questions of European democracy and rule of law research. The range of perspectives and approaches in the contributions is constantly expanding and we are particularly pleased about the publication of today's 25th issue:

re:constitution alumna Susana Coroado’s (2021/22) paper "Leviathan vs Goliath or States vs Big Tech and what the digital services act can do about it" deals with the dynamics between global Big Tech companies and plans for regulation by the European Union. The results of the analysis are based on research carried out within the framework of her re:constitution Fellowship  - including a research stay at Democracy Reporting International - and focus on debates about democracy and self-regulation in the context of Big Tech.


The issue fits in perfectly with the re:constitution Working Papers series, which brings together texts by Fellows and alumni of the programme as well as by other members of the network on the issues of democracy and the rule of law in Europe. The contributions include perspectives from practice and academia and aim to stimulate debate and exchange across professional across professional, disciplinary and regional boundaries.

The Working Papers are intended to provide an easily accessible forum for the development, publication and presentation of ideas and evaluations. Contributions can range from early stages of an idea to nearly fully developed publications that shall be “tested” before their final publication, e.g. in articles (in newspapers or academic journals), book chapters or reviews.

The series is published as an open access format in cooperation with, the digital publication platform of the Max Weber Foundation, and thus supports free public access to scholarly publications for all interested parties.

Recently, selected issues of the working papers in the new series Rule of Law Reflections have been made available on the TRAFO - Blog for Transregional Research. They offer insights into interdisciplinary and transregional dimensions of research in the re:constitution programme for an open debate about democratic structures and processes in Europe.

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