re:constitution is a programme spanning academia and practice to promote cross-border and interdisciplinary exchange, debate, capacity-building and analysis for scholars and practitioners concerned with the rule of law, democracy and the shifting political dynamics in Europe.

re:constitution awards mobility Fellowships, offers topical analysis and establishes a sustainable transdisciplinary and pan-European network of experts to build a new and diverse generation of rule of law experts who collaboratively develop solutions for reconstituting the rule of law in Europe.

re:constitution is a joint programme of Forum Transregionale Studien and Democracy Reporting International, funded by Stiftung Mercator.

Programme Modules

re:constitution awards 15 Fellowships to early-career academics and practitioners to pursue a project of their own choice.

The core element of the re:constitution Fellowships is the pan-European mobility period of three to six months at research institutions or places of legal practice within the European Union.

During their mobility phases, the Fellows work with selected partners and host institutions on topics and projects of common interest and publish their project outcomes via re:constitution. During their Fellowship, the Fellows meet for three Felllows’ Exchange Meetings and participate in regular Fellow Talks. The Fellowships are awarded annually for a period of 10 months between October and July and offer a full-time track and a part-time track.

Current Fellows



The re:constitution alumni network will become a decentralised European network of scholars and practitioners who work together towards upholding democracy and the rule of law in Europe. The programme will build a platform for its alumni to connect across borders, disciplines and backgrounds long after their re:constitution Fellowships have ended. Together, they will be able to shape debates about the ongoing challenges to democratic principles and rule of law backsliding, also in collaboration with partners from all over Europe.


Under re:constitution, Democracy Reporting International aims to improve public understanding of the rule of law and encourages a fact-based debate around the issue in the European Union.

It does so by providing the media and policymakers with timely, clear and accessible research and analysis. This serves journalists and political decision-makers as a possible first source of information on the important developments in connection with the rule of law in Europe.

Current Analyses