Fellow Talk
Di 19 Mär 2024 | 16:00–17:00

Sanctions: Uncovering the Data Design Inside Sanctions Lists

Fellow Talk by Bohdan Bernatskyi (European University Institute) | Chair: Katarzyna Krzyżanowska (European University Institute) | Discussant: Raphael Oidtmann (Hessian State Parliament/ University of Mannheim)

Sanctions are becoming an increasingly challenging area of international relations. Sanctions programs against Russia and Belarus are among the most extensive autonomous sanctions regimes ever enforced. The EU, US and their allies face significant obstacles in their proper and meaningful implementation. The project proposes to look beyond sanctions policy-making and to investigate sanction design instead. It seeks to understand how the data about designated persons or companies are structured inside sanctions lists, how G7 countries package sectoral sanctions, why UN lists are incorporated on the domestic level inconsistently and what differences countries have in their sanctions databases. The project seeks to delve into practical solutions and recommendations on sanctions design from a data perspective.

Bohdan Bernatskyi is a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute and Senior Lecturer at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. His professional and academic interests include sanctions, foreign policy, freedom of association and the prohibition of political parties. He has served as a member of several working groups in the Ukrainian Parliament and Government, including on political parties' reform, transitional governance initiatives and the development of sanctions infrastructure. Bohdan is a founder of the digital sanctions platform Sanctions Finder, the aim of which is to elevate the idea of good governance and advance the open data standards in the foreign policy sphere. He will join the re:constitution Fellowship to elaborate practical recommendations on sanctions design for pertinent decision-makers, based on how the data is provided for and to the public.

The Fellow Talk will be chaired by Katarzyna Krzyżanowska, and Raphael Oidtmann will be the discussant.

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