Do 21 Apr 2022

The CJEU and the ECtHR as a Sword and a Shield for Polish Judges

Among scholars, there has been much debate about the exact meaning of the rule of law, as some favour the formal (thin) while others the substantial (thick) approaches. In Europe, on a practical level, detailed requirements for this principle may vary but its core elements are the same in the member states. Considering the common characteristic of the rule of law within the EU, the theoretical and methodological considerations around its definition – as well as ways and means on its measurement - are worth exploring.

These questions will be discussed in the re:constitution Seminar on “The Rule of Law Methodologies”, organised in collaboration with Professor Angelika Nussberger and the Academy for Human Rights Protection, University of Cologne and Fritz Thyssen Stiftung between 21-22 April, 2022 in Cologne. Professor Adam Bodnar, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities Warsaw and former Ombudsman of the Republic of Poland, will open this Seminar with a keynote focusing on the practical aspects of the questions raised in the Seminar.

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