Sat 26 Nov 2022

Constitutional governance: Authoritarian pushback and workable solutions

Picture from the Network and Alumni Conference, September 2022 (credits: Johanna Scheffel)

Following up on an interactive session organized at the re:constitution Network and Alumni Conference in September, Ivo Gruev and Zuzana Vikarská will further explore questions on authoritarian pushbacks and discuss workable solutions in this workshop. Its aim is to establish what platforms, actors, and mechanisms are employed to resist the erosion of rule of law and liberal constitutionalism on a global scale, drawing on examples from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

In addition to offering comparative ways for understanding the origins, workings and implications of these practices, this workshop also seeks to distil lessons and workable solutions for tracing and tackling rule of law challenges that could be applied beyond the CEE context.

The workshop is open to to students with a background in law, political science, and social sciences, as well as students from other disciplines with a strong interest in the topics of democratic backsliding and (re)emerging authoritarianism.

The call for participation is open and applications can be sent to fundamentalrights[at]hertie-school[dot]org until 18.11.2022. Find the call and further information here.

This workshop is co-hosted by the Centre for Fundamental Rights and re:constitution.

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