re:constitution Seminar
Do 10 Feb 2022 – Fr 11 Feb 2022

The Democratic Dilemma - The Forgotten Value in Article 2 TEU

5th re:constitution Seminar

It has been widely accepted that the values of Article 2 TEU are intrinsically interlinked. However, it could be argued that the notion of democracy – compared to the rule of law – is somehow ‘neglected’ in the current European discourse. The ongoing rule of law crisis in some member states may trigger an important question: What if the real issue behind the backsliding is actually about the erosion of democracy? One may also ask: Are there distinctive features of ‘democracy’ in the European Legal Space? Should the EU shift its focus from enforcing the rule of law to strengthening democracy? Or even: Is restoring the rule of law in the name of democracy the key to tackling its backsliding? These questions will be addressed during the re:constitution Seminar on ‘The Democratic Dilemma – The Forgotten Value in Article 2 TEU’ at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law in Budapest, 10-11 February 2022.

This re:constitution Seminar is a closed event, participation upon invitation only.

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